Hypno 'rocking' clock Alessandro Zambelli: a clock to "rocking"

Hypno plan 3
Hypno 'rocking' clock Alessandro Zambelli: a clock to "rocking" it has been modified: ‭2014-01-10 di jessica zannori

Hypno 'rocking' clock Alessandro Zambelli for Diamantini & Domeniconi it has an internal pendulum used as a balance wheel that allows the case a perpetual oscillatory motion, and transforms it into a clock to "rocking". Almost a contemporary evolution - simply more ironic, dynamic and creative - of the pendulum clock of yesteryear,

finally able to move in the air and to indulge their harmonic motion in full freedom, to support their surfaces. Hypno is made of natural birch, or lacquered in various colors, in medium walnut or mahogany.

The cost to the public is of € 85.

Hypno Birch Plywood

Hypno Black White

Hypno Blue Blue

Hypno Yellow Yellow

Hypno Lamp

Hypno Lamp 1

Hypno Black Black

Hypno Black Black Close up

Hypno plan 1

Hypno plan 2

Hypno plan 4

Hypno Rose Pink

Hypno Green Green

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