The new Wam sofa by Bross

Wam sofa
Wam sofa
The new Wam sofa by Bross it has been modified: 2019-02-26 di Benedetto Fiori

Exuberant and very versatile, the Wam (Wait a minute) collection, designed by March Zito and presented by Bross at the 2018 Furniture Fair, he surprised the market with its contemporary style and recognizable features.

In 2019, Marco Zito and the company decided to complete the collection with some new elements, which will be presented during the next edition of the Furniture expo, expanding the range of proposals. This is how the sculptural bergère armchair, the coffee tables and the two-seater sofa are born.

The distinctive features of the collection are also proposed in the new sofa, first of all the backrest consisting of two elements covered and customizable with different fabrics and colors, to create combinations suitable for any environment. The structure in painted metal tubing or in brushed bronze finish also recurs, which encloses the generous volumes of the padded parts with discretion and lightness.

The Wam sofa is a multifaceted element with a thousand identities, with which it is easy to design a living or waiting area with character. In pastel colors, neutral colors, pop prints or rich and precious textures, Wam lets himself be invented in all his clothes, just choose which one.

Wam sofaWam sofaWam sofa

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