Ideagroup / CUBIK the line is renewed with amazing technological innovations and aesthetic

Ideagroup / CUBIK the line is renewed with amazing technological innovations and aesthetic it has been modified: 2013-12-02 di jessica zannori

"Arredare l'ambiente bagno attraverso soluzioni che denotano un nuovo approccio stilistico e compositivo, restituendo il concetto di estetica contemporanea". CUBIK, Best seller Ideagroup, is renewed with amazing technological innovations and aesthetic. Il nuovo progetto d'arredo firmato IDEA wants to celebrate the needs of contemporary living: design must go hand in hand with the concept of comfort, aesthetics must embrace functionality and materials must convey strong and positive sensations.

The collection shows a widening of modularity, materials and finishes, synonyms of the constant search for innovative solutions, capable of characterizing the space, releasing a strong and determined personality. Cubik introduces two important innovations in natural finishes: ecomalta and wood essences with continuous “marble” grain, both testifying to a careful and meticulous craftsmanship. In terms of compositions, Cubik tackles the bathroom environment by providing functional and design solutions, customizable in the smallest elements, to experience the bathroom as a personal refuge and relaxation corner.

Cubik also meets the needs dictated by small spaces with monobloc solutions in the center of the room, which do not renounce the functionality of the larger compositions, thanks to the optimization of the interior spaces and the combination of storage mirrors.

Finishes and essences

La principale novità della collezione Cubik risiede nelle finiture tecnologiche da un lato e naturali dall'altro. Una sintesi perfetta tra design, sostenibilità e qualità dei materiali. L'ecomalta è la novità più importante della nuova collezione Cubik. Un materiale naturale, frutto di un attento lavoro esclusivamente manuale, con il quale possono essere rivestiti mobili, vasche, elementi a giorno, etc ...
The ecomalta finish comes from the application of 6 different "coats" of material, interspersed with periods of drying and stabilization: this procedure gives the finished product a high resistance and elasticity, making it particularly suitable for use in the bathroom. . Ecomalta is available in 4 finishes: cream, gravel, ecru and mud.

The essences wood embody the spirit of artisanal Ideagroup proposing of certified and guaranteed. The essences are: Italian walnut, chestnut lightgrey, darkgrey chestnut and chestnut smoke.
The attention to detail and the particular production process allow to achieve a high visual impact, which manifests itself through the respect of the continuity of the natural wood grain of the whole cabinet. Result obtained thanks to a manual labor inimitable.
The unicolor HPL laminates, with new thicknesses of the tops, are available in heights: 12, 60 and 120 mm. The primary characteristic of this material concerns the surface resistance, which goes well with the needs of the bathroom.

The finishes available are: cement, gravel or slate. The matt and glossy draw from the large collection of 40 Ideagroup colors, offering the most neutral colors, for those who love a traditional style, with unusual that characterize and determine bathrooms strong emotional impact. The finishes Cubik can be interchanged with each other, to create dynamic solutions, and satisfy aesthetic needs and matching different and personal.


Functionality of bathroom

Cubik introduce delle novità importanti anche negli accessori per l'arredo bagno.
The new double-sided ceiling mirrors transform the mirrors into decorative elements and redesign their functions. The LED technology enters the mirrors through continuous light bands that envelop the space and facilitate daily activities in the bathroom. The mirrors can be equipped with storage compartments, to optimize the available space.
Per soddisfare le esigenze di chi ha poco spazio per la stanza da bagno, è disponibile il modulo portalavatrice, che cela con attenzione l'elettrodomestico mantenendo il forte carattere estetico del mobile. Non mancano gli elementi a giorno, le mensole e le colonne porta oggetti, proposte in nuove dimensioni e soluzioni di contenimento. Un esempio sono le doppie colonne in vetro, che arredano con intelligenza l'ambiente bagno, restituendo un suggestivo equilibrio compositivo. Cubik completa l'arredo con alcune vasche da bagno: Square e Round, le vasche free standing disponibili in Mineralmarmo e in cristalplant, e la vasca Project in Cristalplant, personalizzabile nelle dimensioni e nella finitura dei pannelli che la racchiudono.

Plans and washbasins collection Cubik

The available variants of materials for tops and washbasins make it possible to satisfy the most diverse needs. Aquatek offers unique surfaces (the washbasin is integrated), resistant and easy to clean, such as mineral marble, a ductile and compact material. Absolute novelty are the new tops with integrated sink in porcelain stoneware, with neutral finishes, which are characterized on the aesthetic level by the perimeter slits inside the sink that allow the water to drain. The washbasins in the new ecomalta finish enhance the purity of the geometries of the compositions, while the transparency of the lacquered glass creates particular color combinations. Cubik uses ceramic countertop and semi-recessed washbasins for alternative solutions to the integrated versions.




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