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Idea Group / JOIN: the essential shower trays, flexible and customizable it has been modified: 2012-07-23 di Benedetto Fiori

The new line of shower trays JoinSigned DISENIA, Is characterized by the strong imprint MinimalistThat plasma shapes and colors in harmony with the bathroom. Join, essential in the rectangular or square shape, provides dishes by very small thickness, The installation of which can take place in support or floor level.

The line lends itself to many custom processing and the material with which it is composed, the Tecnogel, Can be changed in color: in addition to the six standard colors, the choice extends to the color chart IDEAGROUP. Attention to detail, from the finishes to drain supplied, Join is thought to enhance the shower enclosures and modern design.

The three versions JOIN: square, rectangular array and tailored

Join version square it is available with side 80 × 80 cm or 90 × 90 cm. The surface is non-slip, the edge is 5 cm and the basin, almost imperceptible, has a slope towards the drain that favors the continuous drainage of water. The drain is placed in an off-center position and the inspectable drain matches the shower tray.

The rectangular is available with the long side of 90, 100 or 120 70 cm cm short side, or in the versions with the short side of 80 90 or cm and the long side of 100, 120, 140 160 or cm. The rectangular version has the same features of the square: non-slip surface, edge 5 cm and flooded with a slight slope to facilitate water drainage.

Thanks to the particular material they are made of the dishes Join, are possible multiple custom-work affecting both the template is the coloring. Sizes range from 90 to 160cm for the long side and in 63 90 cm for the short side.

The special processes available:

  • La customization to cm provides for the modification of the length calibrating the longitudinal cut to the centimeter.
  • In boxy shape the workable area can be modeled according to square shapes to fit any protruding elements or non-coplanar with respect to the masonry.
  • Il oblique cut, Provides for the elimination of part of the area worked according to an inclined cut along the length of the mold.
  • In shaping rounded the workable area may be the object of sinuous shapes rounded form for specific requests.

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Shape and color

For dishes Line Join to DISENIA you can select a color from the color chart IDEAGROUP ones, for a personalized realization in harmony with the colors of the bathroom, or one of six standard colors: White, cream, sand, clay, charcoal, black.

The Tecnogel

Il Tecnogel is a composite material consisting for the most part from mineral fillers, by a low percentage of polyester resin and coated on its entire surface by a thin layer of gel-coat acrylate. The Tecnogel is particularly UV resistant and aging; is a material highly hygienic and the characteristic grainy finish stone effect makes it non-slip even in contact with water.

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