hi-Fun / innovative gift ideas for a very hi-fun Christmas !!

ring Mini Bluetooth connect double
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Christmas is approaching and hi-Fun presents its interesting and innovative gift ideas for a very hi-fun Christmas !! Red is a must.

the "baby" of home hi-Ring is free cable
The version of the bluetooth handset "mignon", only 15 inches long, made of soft touch material and with a vintage, hi-Ring mini bluetooth allows you to speak freely without cable clutter and keeping the phone away from your ear eliminating more than 99% of electromagnetic radiation generated by the cell. € 49,99


The musical pillow hi-Fun!
It is a comfortable round cushion with built-in speaker, a trendy accessory for home and convenient for travel! Thanks to a universal jack, can connect to any iPhone, iPod, Mp3 or CD player.
Available in both summer and winter versions, it does not require batteries. € 19.99

14 HFHIEAR-TRRD Quilted Red 8033844131229

earmuff hi-Fun speaker
hi-Ear is much more than a simple earmuff: thanks to the built-in speaker high performance, which allow you to listen to your favorite playlist and phone conversations, and thanks to the included microphone, the cold and snow of winter will not do more afraid! € 29,99

call the red woman

the evolution of Bluetooth telephone glove in real leather!
The evolution of hi-Call, and finished in fine leather, a real "must-have" for the winter. The technology does not change, as well as functions: connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, vibrates to alert you of incoming calls and allows you to talk through your fingers through invisible microphone and headset integrated into the same. Moreover, the special material present on fingertips allows to interact with capacitive touch screens.
Hi-Call Leather is available in black and red version for women and black for men € 99,99

deejay01 cut

the ultimate in comfort and technology in a single headset!
The hi-Deejay headphones hi-Fun, covered in fabric and adjustable to allow for maximum ease of use, ensure optimal acoustic performance, thanks to the innovative BBS (bass boost system) that boosts the bass and reduces outside noise. These professional-grade headphones are also equipped with microphone and the shuffle function. € 79,99


hi-Fun the first Bluetooth headset
Essential and minimalist design, in numerous splendid colors, for the first hi-Fun bluetooth headset, with excellent audio quality and equipped with integrated microphone. hi-Edo will allow you to listen to music and make and receive telephone calls in extreme freedom, giving an extra touch to your style. Compatible with all devices equipped with Bluetooth technology. € 79,99

hi-Bomb group

Mini-rechargable speaker small as a golf ball
Due to its size hi-Bomb is the most powerful rechargeable speaker that can be found on the market and this thanks to its revolutionary expandable air chamber and the high quality of its speaker. € 29,99

hi-glove leather woman red

the genuine leather gloves for touch screen devices

With hi-Glove Leather will be able to use the touch screen devices no longer fear the cold nor sacrificing elegance! Soft and comfortable, are made of real leather and fingertips are coated with capacitive technology fabric for touch screens, to answer phone calls without having to take them off! hi-Glove Leather is available in two stylish colors, black and red, and different sizes for men (Medium, Large, Extra Large) and woman (Small, Medium). € 49,99

hi-hat red-black

The cap for next winter is ... music!
The cap hi-hat comes with removable speaker high-performance embedded, to listen to music, while also allowing you to converse on the phone, thanks to the included microphone, without fear of cold. 6 available in different colors, is machine washable and do not require batteries. € 39,99

hiearp flat iphn red

Never again knotted earbuds!
The perfect combination of performance, comfort and design for listening to music and make calls. The innovative BBS (Bass Boost System) giving a superior audio quality thanks to the enhancement of the bass. The perfect isolation from outside noise, which maintains a crisp and clear sound even at a low volume, it adds the integrated controller, to answer calls with a simple click. Thanks to the "flat" cable also, say goodbye to the annoying typical nodes of your old earphones. € 19,99

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