Henriette by Desart / Collection shoes

Henriette by Desart / Collection shoes it has been modified: 2012-03-07 di Benedetto Fiori

The greatest female passion? The shoes! From "Cinderella" to "sex and the city" it is the accessory par excellence, an indispensable object of seduction, which plays the role of a great protagonist.

Romance, bon ton and a dash of eccentricity, always characterized by the collezionimemories Henriette by Desart  which, inspired by this wonderful object of desire, reveals its most glamorous side with a new line dedicated to the home and the table: Shoes. I'm "Dishes from the collection" ornaments made of fine porcelain, also be used as dessert plates (diameter cm19) for a breakfast fashionable and original. Sold in sets of 4 pieces, each dish has a different décor, but strictly with high heels! The collections Henriette by Desart are dedicated to all those who seek quality, elegance and uniqueness.





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