Status Group at Euroluce 2011 - 12/17 April

Status Group at Euroluce 2011 - 12/17 April it has been modified: 2023-10-10 di Benedetto Fiori

Group Status, With its brands Status, Altis, Ilmas, prepares to Euroluce, Hall 13 - Stand F21, With the purpose of offering visitors a journey of surprises and ideas, through the presentation of a stand futuristic and contemporary, where they express the qualities and technical know-how, the company has carefully acquired over the years, interfacing with the ideas and projects of architects and designers called to collaborate in new lighting concept.

Thus was born the idea of ​​a space capable of reflecting on how emotion and technology are the mirror of each other, welcoming visitors and introducing them in the world and in the new Status. An experiment, which thanks to the creations of light and Status Altis and art direction of the light design Massimo Marzorati, expresses very well the new design concept in the light, as a synthesis of formal and technological content. It succeeds in this way to penetrate the smallest detail of innovation to discover in this path of dreams and reality, all the details.
The magic of light, the synthesis of light and shadow, combined with the technological reality creates and offers, in contemporary contexts Status replicated in space, light works, unique pieces, drawing a specific philosophy of space.


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