Amelia hanger / LEONARDO ROSSANO ARCHITECT it has been modified: 2011-09-19 di Benedetto Fiori

In its formal simplicity, this lightweight complement plastic injection molded does not renounce to exhibit its originality.
Compact and yet slender, the hanger designed by Amelia

Leonardo Rossano RF Yamakawa fact reveals a strong personality. The soft curve of the wings support contrasts with the sharp cut of the head, making it easier to grip the garment rails.
The hook cut is also characterized by a linear trend, but this time oblique, so as to further facilitate the use of the hanger.
A fresh and refined object, in which the added value of design is perfectly combined with the careful study of function.


This light complement in molded plastic does not renounce originality. Compact and thin, cloth hanger Amelia, designed by Leonardo Rossano for RFYamakawa, Has a strong personality. Smooth lines of support wings set against a sharp cut on the end Which Facilitates hanging on the garment rails. Also a cut of a hook is linear, oblique in this case, in order to facilitate even blackberries usage of this product. Fresh and refined, this item brings together design and functionality.

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