G-Design® @ Mosquito Summer Lounge Club

G-Design® @ Mosquito Summer Lounge Club it has been modified: 2012-04-17 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

Restaurant located in the heart of Mantua, on the banks of the characteristic lakes, young-looking, where live music and DJ sets accompany appetizers, dinners and events.

A simple and striking, stylish and practical at the same time, clad in shiny black plexiglass with the iron framework. This is a box on which cable multifunctional, summer 2009, took turns, plus DJ set on a console exceptional logoed Mosquito well as professional bartenders to prepare cocktails out of an external completely covered in plexiglass and therefore easily washable after use, and finally simple promotion space of the room. In fact, thanks to the versatility of the counter designed, any function he had dedicated, proved suitable and perfect at the same time to promote the local client: the logo of the local, carved on the plates of plexiglass, and placed in front of the console, became icon between function and local, Maximum flexibility and perfect identification!

Latin nights, DJ sets trendy cocktails for every taste, live sound, all events during which the logo of the restaurant it appeared under the eyes of those present in a totally new shape, a unique piece designed specifically to combine identity and use.

Suitable for every situation shows personality and functionality, together perfectly beautiful and practical, reason to the bottom of each product so far devised.

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