FUORISALONE 2013 - 3820 Box of Dreams

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FUORISALONE 2013 - 3820 Box of Dreams

Who will carry out the perfect box of dreams? A FuoriSalone 2013 the exhibition of the first "box" selected!

And 'the challenge of the luxury brand 3820 Hearts and Arrows® which for the first time in the history of diamonds sold in blister packs offers the incomparable excellence of the Hearts and Arrows cut.

Combining art, luxury, design, fashion to achieve a unique packaging and amplify the magnificence of the perfect diamond. For the first time a luxury brand opens to urban creativity to design contemporary suggestions. And for the Fuori Salone 2013 (in Milan from 9 to 14 April) the first selected projects will be presented to the public at the Sala Affreschi of Palazzo Isimbardi (headquarters of the Province of Milan) within the exhibition IOricicloTUricicli.

3820 Hearts and Arrows® always careful experimentation and research calls together the world of creativity for an unmissable event: create the new look of the box that holds the perfect diamond: a wooden box OSB, recycled material, emotional symbol of travel will be revolutionized, reinvented, personalized, customized, enhanced, reinterpreted ... to create a collection of unique and exclusive pieces like diamonds 3820 Hearts and Arrows® kept inside.

The contest launched a month ago and has already received acclaim for the Fuori Salone 2013 3820 Hearts and Arrows® it will officially present to the public by showcasing the first selection and made by designers and architects from all over Italy.

The Fuori Salone 2013 will be useful also for anyone who wants to learn about the project live and participate in the contest which provides important awards. Definitive end of the contest in September 2013.


  • FIRST PRIZE: THE WORK THAT THE CONTEST will be the most voted by the public web will win a diamond 3820 Hearts and Arrows® worth EUR 340.
  • CRITICS AWARD: Of all the works selected the Company 3820 Hearts and Arrows® reserves the right to choose 1 particularly suited to the brand advertising 3820 Hearts and Arrows® and \ or production.

The perfect diamond

Since 2011, the brand 3820 Hearts and Arrows® marks a turning point in the history of diamonds sold in blister: cut Hearts and Arrows. Pearl first time in the history of precious stones 3820 Arrows® Hearts and gives the customer the opportunity to buy a perfect stone and understand the beauty gemmologica. An absolute rarity considering that only 3% of diamonds on the market can boast excellence cut Hearts and Arrows.Non longer a privilege for experts but magic for everyone. Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows to behold thanks to a sophisticated gemological kit specifically created and inserted in each box: the loupe; Allen key to open easily the blister and remove the stone and support round where black insert and continue to admire it. Additional element, the packaging: a box of design, made with eco-friendly material, with a tender surprise inside.

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