Francesco Lucchese for Selva: the Lucrezia armchair and armchair are born

Francesco Lucchese for Selva: the Lucrezia armchair and armchair are born it has been modified: 2019-08-23 di terzomillennium

The upholstery is glamorous: Selva knows it well and has included in his design proposals an armchair and an armchair designed by Francesco Lucchese.

The series by the Italian architect and designer for Selva consists of an armchair and a small armchair and is characterized by a line that, although it has signs of memory, remains strongly current, with a soft and enveloping shape. The small armchair (cm L 67 - D 65 - H 81/51) has a soft and airy cushion, positioned on a prestigious trestle. The back becomes the characterizing element: it is a sort of elegant shell, made with soft padding towards the inside, which accompanies the round shape of the cushion until it is incorporated. A gesture that recalls the idea of ​​a hug, a cocoon effect that welcomes the person. Available in fabric, velvet or leather, it has an ash structure (Ash Dark, Ash Tobacco, Ash White finishes).

The armchair (cm L 82 - D 82 - H 74/43) offers a cockpit seat, in which the backrest and cushion extend to the ground. The cushion recalls the idea of ​​a pouf, wrapped once again by a less covering backrest, but more rounded and soft, both to the eyes and to the touch. An iconic piece of furniture that transforms the surrounding space into pure trend, through a perfect harmony of materials and shades. The refined practicality of this armchair enhances the pleasure of dedicating time to oneself, in a mood of great relaxation and design research.

The series was created to have more opportunities in the customization, more variants, more uses. The armchair and the armchair are perfect both for a temporary or longer and more relaxed session, and also for different spaces such as the lounge area of ​​a hotel, but also the living area of ​​a private home.

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