Florence Design Week "dresses" the National Central Library

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Florence Design Week "dresses" the National Central Library it has been modified: 2011-05-24 di Benedetto Fiori

Read? A pleasure to be enjoyed in comfort, aided by the creative solutions that the design can offer: from particular sessions to innovative libraries. That's why the second edition of "Florence Design Week" devotes an entire section to "Design for Reading."

In a setting that could not be different from the National Central Library, visitors can enjoy all the comforts offered to the modern reader by designers such as Alessandro Gedda, Alessandro Marelli, Giovanni Bartolozzi (Soqquadro Art Design) Design and Unauthorized or Sebastiano Marchiò, Matthew Masiero, Ivan Favretto .It goes by the proposals of the chair-library, such as that achieved by the design studio Design Unauthorized or bench-library Giovanni Bartolozzi for line Soqquadro Art Design, Bookseller essential lines of Marelli , a great connoisseur of the "matter" wood. Until you get to the library "unstructured" proposed by Alessandro Gedda, artist started from oil painting and then get to the creation of several design objects, through a technique which consists in approaching and assemble various pieces of wood, which he called precisely, "unstructured".


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