FABRICA / new glass collection for Secondome

Uplifting Carafes DEAN 1
FABRICA / new glass collection for Secondome it has been modified: 2012-07-25 di Benedetto Fiori

FABRICA, The creative laboratory of Benetton Group, has sent us pictures of this collection of glasses designed for recently In my opinion

"Caraffe di Napoli" by Dean Brown

The ritual of drinking together is synonymous with lifting spirits. The contents of the carafes - Chianti, Prosecco, balsamic vinegar and olive oil - are at the heart of the concept elevated in height and status. The impression is of a levitating liquid, raised above the surface of the table, celebrated and to celebrate.

 Uplifting Carafes DEAN

Uplifting Carafes DEAN 2

Uplifting Carafes DEAN 3

“Necklaces” by Carreiras Catarina

“Necklaces” is a pair of two or a set of three vases fused together like gems in a gold chain. It can be hung or placed on a table, enhancing the beauty of a plain white bare wall or adding a distinctive detail to a meticulous composition. And since all necklaces are portable ornaments, it's the perfect container to carry a flower and go for a walk.

 Necklaces CATARINA 2

necklaces CATARINA

Necklaces CATARINA 1

"Vasone" by Giorgia Zanellato

A vase made of three different intersecting parts. The central part is sandblasted to emphasize the diversity of the element.


“Uccia, Ina” by Valentina Carretta

Numerous details were taken from kitchen containers and traditional instruments. Neapolitan coffee maker and metal oil containers are hidden in the forms of these jugs.

Typical handles, spouts and conical collars are generating new forms, suggesting different ways to treat and pour the liquids or simply allows you to filter coffee. You can use it to serve a special cup of tea, coffee, milk or other variation of drinks.




“Triangles”, by Mariana Fernandes

Using simple geometric shapes, this glass jar playing with a strange idea of ​​perspective.

 triangles MARIANA

Triangles MARIANA 1

“Vessel 1”, by Minns Kirsty

This clear hand blown glass vase was inspired by the fascination of weird and bizarre scientific tools of the XNUMXth century. The small parasite vase and candle holder completes the set to create a 'communicating vase' where the water is at the same level in all containers regardless of their shape and volume.

  Vessel KIRSTY

“Flood”, by David Raffoul

Two homes were flooded and badly damaged by the storm. A flower grew from the heart of every home and through its chimney. The end result was a beautiful landscape of many flowers, each suggesting the presence of a home.

Flood DAVID 3


Flood DAVID 1

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