Fabio Novembre + Sammontana: Design Con-Gelato

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Fabio Novembre + Sammontana: Design Con-Gelato it has been modified: 2019-04-11 di Benedetto Fiori

In the charming setting of the Hotel Magna Pars in the heart of Tortona area inside an immersive installation curated by the same November, an iconic and colorful beach environment, for the first time Sammontana presents a series of furnishings designed by the well-known architect and designer Fabio Novembre e the result of an innovative 3D printing process that uses Bio plastic, recycled and recyclable plastic.

The collection of furnishings is in fact imagined for the outdoor world: Italian-style bars and bathing establishments, places that have to do with the vibrant and positive energy of the summer, of the holidays expected throughout the year, of the sweet ice-cream breaks that characterize the most pleasant moments of the day.

The seats, the rocking chairs and the tables, in a bright yellow color and in the transparent version, they owe their shape to the concept of vortex, that of water or of the ice-cream cup: concentric rings that build geometries and lines, and that suggest a continuous tension towards the future, towards an idea to conceive the objects that must necessarily take into account their environmental impact of today and tomorrow.

"We are very proud of this collaboration with Fabio Novembre - an excellent interpreter of trends with a broader vision of design which, in his philosophy, comes to contaminate different fields and disciplines ". Sibilla Bagnoli, Head of Communications and Image at Sammontana Italia, declared and continues “Its design is ironic just like the Sammontana brand and its visionary and amazing design. The collection he has designed for us puts us at the center of the vortex he himself designed where man and the environment are the protagonists. And it is the same vortex that inspired the furnishings made of bio plastic and recyclable recycled plastic. Being present at Design Week, the most important international showcase dedicated to the project and imagination, with one of the most important exponents of Italian design, means for Sammontana the awareness and the recognition of being one of the actors of Made in Italy and sustainability " .

The new Sammontana furniture collection, with its high technological value and great durability, is made with one of the most innovative production systems in the world design scene.

The objects will be printed 3D in Bio plastic and plastic recycled by WASP, a leading company in the 3D printing industry, Made in Italy excellence with an important objective at the base of its business: to reduce material waste, in a shared wellness horizon. Values ​​close to those Sammontana, that for several years has been engaged in a process of continuous improvement of its business processes, for a reduction of environmental impact at various levels, which starts from the measurement and compensation of the impact of CO2eq of its products to arrive at the choice of the most advanced packaging solutions. It is also committed to the increasingly efficient use of water and energy, the careful selection of raw materials and the innovative management of waste and logistics.

In this context, therefore, is an initiative that aims to raise public awareness on urgent related issues to the culture of recycling, To possible sustainable behavior and truly innovative projects, as Fabio Novembre also comments: "Goethe used to say that architecture is frozen music. With Sammontana we allowed ourselves to extend the reasoning also to design with Ice Dream, a collection of furnishings that is at the same time recycled and recyclable. "

After the Design Week, the furnishings will be the protagonists of further itinerant initiatives throughout the Peninsula, scheduled during the summer and supported by Sammontana, always with a view to attention and respect for the environment.

Photo Credit: Benedetto Fiori

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