Emo design and Franke Coffee Systems create Mytico: the new category of BeyondTraditional automatic coffee machines

Franke Mytico
Emo design and Franke Coffee Systems create Mytico: the new category of BeyondTraditional automatic coffee machines it has been modified: 2023-03-21 di Benedetto Fiori

Mytico is the new fully automatic coffee machine presented by the Emo design studio for Franke Coffee Systems. This new product line was developed in collaboration with the Swiss manufacturer of fully automatic professional coffee machines, with the aim of creating a “BeyondTraditional” product range that goes beyond tradition.

Mytico is a coffee machine that combines Swiss quality on the inside with Italian design on the outside, creating an experience like no other. The new Mytico product line was previewed at Internorga, from 10 to 14 March.

The Mytico machine was designed to open up new market opportunities and preside over existing segments, defining new aesthetic standards inspired by the world of specialty coffees. The design of the machine has been emphasized as if it were a piece of furniture, introducing iconic, classic and soft lines.

The possibility of customizing the side and rear panels allows the machine to adapt to different environments such as chains, hotels or restaurants. Furthermore, the matte metallic finish of the front panel, combined with the visible screws, emphasizes the quality and reliability of the machine.

Mytico also offers a personalized experience to customers, thanks to the advanced technology that allows you to make a coffee of the highest quality. The ease of use of the machine allows the bartender to converse with customers and at the same time serve drinks without having to give up their role as a bartender.

Mytico Due and Mytico Vario are the first two models of the Mytico line presented by Franke Coffee Systems at Internorga. Mytico Due emphasizes the customer experience and the quality of the barista's service, while Mytico Vario offers a touch of elegance in any space. Both models allow you to make signature coffees, while maintaining excellent coffee quality.

In summary, the new Mytico product line represents an evolution in the world of automatic coffee machines, combining Italian design with Swiss excellence, offering the customer a personalized experience and the barista the opportunity to express their creativity.

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