Emilio Nanni / "Sign²"

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The Art To Design gallery in Bologna, on the occasion of OFF – Bologna, Arte Fiera 2012, presents “Sign²” by Emilio Nanni curated by Fabriano Fabbri. Artist, architect and designer, Emilio Nanni for the first time combines, in a sort of "ideal path", a selection of products among the most significant of his activity as a designer, from 1985 to 2012, created for the most well-known Italian companies design, including: Zanotta, Billiani, Lamm, Tonelli, Roche Bobois, Cattelan Italia, Tonon, Guzzini, Varaschin..., to that of Artist, presenting the last period of his research focused on the sign. Art to Design is a gallery in the center of Bologna. Its transversal character, which reflects and unites the cultural and working background of its founders, Nicolò Riguzzi and Alessandro Betocchi, leads it to be an important meeting point for artists and designers from all over the world, a studio-container gallery that seeks and selects authors who move in that multidisciplinary ridge, precisely between art and design, as Samare , Riccardo Schweizer , Richard Lauret  , Paul Thuile , Fabio Rotella  etc. An ideal space, therefore, to propose at the same time the latest artistic research and the designer activity of Emilio Nanni who has always kept the two areas separate and who now finds the ideal trade-d'union in the "sign" "Anime" and in the space of Art to Design the optimal situation to present oneself completely. The graphic sign, clear and refined, which well distinguishes the work of designer and the graphic and clear sign traced mainly by the black bic, an irreplaceable tool, on paper, which becomes body and image through the controlled gesture and the obsessive repetition of the sign. The new products designed for Bosa, Billiani and Laboratorio Pesaro will also be previewed.

Emilio Nanni---- PLOT-E-GNOSIS-2011_200x147_Bic-black

Sign² - Emilio Nanni edited by Fabriano Fabbri.
Opening Friday January 27 2012 18 hours
27 from January to March 17 2012
Via Porta Nova, 12

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