Elisa Schillaci / keep off the grass

Elisa Schillaci / keep off the grass it has been modified: 2012-04-15 di jessica zannori

Elisa SchillaciYoung Designer between Rome and Palermo, has sent us his concept called Keep Off The Grass, one empties unusual pockets that intrigued us.

"The challenge was to think of a wooden object that would follow the current of" less is more "but, at the same time, to imagine an object that would meet the modern and innovative and eco-friendly mood, conveying with its shape some contents that were also emotional. The Keep Off The Grass design comes from a specific image: the coins and keys scattering out of your pockets once sitting on the grass. In reality, this is a wooden piece of furniture where you can empty your pockets once at home. But I would like to proceed in order.

Let's start with the shape that is actually very and simple: a plane on four legs. But it is not a coffee table, it has much smaller dimensions. It is precisely a cabinet that empties pockets. Its name, Keep Off The Grass is in fact the sign that often appears on English public lawns (also Keep Off The Lawn). I wanted to bring in the outside. Keep Off revises in its form one of the (non-voluntary) processes that make a lawn a public lawn. Objects that spontaneously spread out of the pockets on the grass, coins, keys, cell phones, glasses ... et voilà the story is served! Public / Private and Outdoor / Indoor, it is these pairs of categories that support the semantics of this mysterious object. And since no lawn is a lawn without a flower, the top hosts a hole to accommodate a long stem of glass, a flower vase fed with semiotic (but also real) water where you can soak your shoes as soon as you get home (the tub blue placed at the bottom). "

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