DESIGN FOR 2, open the selections

DESIGN FOR 2, open the selections it has been modified: 2012-06-02 di Benedetto Fiori

Promote Design opens the selections for the DESIGN FOR 2, Book-catalog that will embody the best design ideas still in concept form. The goal of the book is to find producers for the selected designers and present a rich collection of viable projects and ready to be adopted by the market.

At the same time, Design For discovers the cards even against future users of design, to make them better understand what are the mechanisms that lead to an initial product. No longer just an object to be discarded, but a product that you can know, understand and choose.

The book will be published by the Logo Fausto Cub Editor and distributed at bookstores throughout Italy, as well as delivered to 200 Italian companies active in the field of design because of the gap between the two categories.

The idea is to Promote Design, a web portal that is dedicated with passion and professionalism to the promotion of design and designers to give impetus to a sector always been the pride of Made in Italy. His Pullers are designers and architects who, moved by a great enthusiasm for the world of design, seeking new connections between all the professionals that will revolve around.

The editors of the Promote Design will select the best projects, between May and 22 22 July, according to those that mostly deepen the issues of today, always placing emphasis on design quality, aesthetics and manufacturability. Applications are all designers with no age limit.

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