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Demode (engineered by Valcucine) has Mechanics it has been modified: 2022-06-01 di Daniele Prosdocimus

The widespread trend in favor of eco-sustainability increasingly leads to the development of products, called eco-chic, but completely at odds with the economic possibilities of the young: the project demode want to solve this problem by giving the opportunity to buy an eco-friendly product at affordable prices. mechanics is a revolutionary system of eco-sustainable kitchen is the fact that price: a real product of "democratic modern design."

To achieve these results, demode (engineered by Valcucine) has reinvented the kitchen furniture system by working on maximum simplification of the structure: a series of iron pipe, easily assembled "DIY", constitute the frame of the furniture of Mechanics. Not using glues are avoided carcinogenic formaldehyde emissions.

Thirty spokes converge on the hub,
but it is the center hole that makes it useful to the wheel.
We mold the clay to form a container,
but it is the central void that makes a useful container.
We cut doors and windows in the walls of a room:
are these openings that make it useful a room.
Thus, full has its own function,
but the essential utility belongs to the void.
(Lao Tzu)

The system has been designed for maximum dematerialisation thanks to the fact that it can be designed without the sides of the stems and without doors, one can thus obtain a structure completely naked using the minimum necessary matter. Containment has been redesigned aesthetically and functionally with the ability to place shelves and baskets to view. The system can also be integrated and developable in a second moment.

The system also provides a traditional use of doors: a plywood pine, also available in different colors dyed aniline; a more innovative, made with a fabric skin elastic, very technical. The cover is removable, washable and stain resistant, ideal for use in the kitchen; a more technical and informal metal.

Meccanica is also offered with a particular top in RE-Y-STONE®, a bio-composite material of post-consumer recycled paper and natural resin, fibrous residue from the grinding and pressing of sugar cane. The fibrous material, as well as the resin matrix, derive from renewable plant materials, so there is no direct dependence on fossils or non-renewable resources (oil, natural gas).

Thanks to the extreme flexibility and customizability with Mechanics can furnish different areas of the house: the kitchen, the living area, from the laundry to the rooms more informal.

The possibility of assembling the final purchaser, further reduces the cost of purchase. In fact, there are two price ranges proposed by demode, higher, including mounting and a lower, excluding installation.

Mechanics designed to be reusable and recyclable 90 100%% and due to the guarantee of responsibility in life valcucine it is guaranteed withdrawal at the end of the life cycle thus producing zero waste.

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