Demode with IrideFixed Modena to Red Hook Criterium

Demode with IrideFixed Modena to Red Hook Criterium it has been modified: 2013-03-31 di demode

Yes, from this year demodeLike many other kitchen brands in the past, enters the world of sport ... and sport!
Races with track bikes in city driving. And no brakes! A discipline conceived one night in March of 2008 from David Trimble August, A New York architect cycling enthusiast, who celebrate his birthday challenge friends in the industrial area of ​​Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn in an illegal drag race that takes place in 30 rounds by a mile all to deal with bike fixed gear and brakeless. Today the race has become a real championship and we have chosen our team.

It is the team founded by Fixed iris Modena, The artisans that have organized in 2012 workshop cycle with us during fuorisalone in Milan at the space valcucine.

A growing relationship, the way we like it. A relationship of trust and exchange, of serenity and sound principles: And from this year the team will be called IRIDE-DEMODE SC.

Throughout 2013 the IRIDE-DEMODE SC team will face many challenges and the main one will be THE RED HOOK CRITERIUM in Brooklyn, New York.

The desire, the passion and tenacity are everything our boys are full, all you need to aim high.


  • March 30 “Red Hook Criterium Series” New York City;
  • 29 April Criterium Amsterdam;
  • 10/11/12 May “Criterium Gijon” Gijon;
  • June 08 "Red Hook Criterium Series" New York City;
  • 08 June “IG London Nocturne” London;
  • 22/23 June “Fixedrome” Modena;
  • August 11 “The Hunt” London;
  • August 24 “Red Hook Criterium Series” Barcelona;
  • September (TBD) “Fijate Criterium” San Juan;
  • October (TBD) “Red Hook Criterium Series” Milan.
  • + all the events in Italy and abroad that will gradually take shape during the season!


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