Competition Swart to Steam Factory

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Competition Swart to Steam Factory it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di SWART

An exceptional jury awards the prize for the new Italian self-produced design e-shop.

Swart, On-line shop which has just presented its first selection of Italian self-produced design, Launches the Steam Factory as part of bla bla un competition to identify among the 120 products on display, the object that best stands out for its design and manufacturing quality, innovative character and essential forms.

The winner is identified by an exceptional jury: Alessandro Guerriero, Cesare Castelli, Duilio Forte. He receives as a reward publication in the Swart home page, the inclusion in the selection of products for sale and promotion through its communication channels.
At the conclusion of the event, the symbolic prize will be awarded, an arrow made by AtelierFORTE, as a representation of the challenge to industrial production.

Swart was born from the awareness of the increasingly widespread liveliness around the phenomenon of self-produced design in Italy and the obvious need for channels of
marketing. From the passion of the young founders for the expressive power of "prime" materials, from the fascination for the intelligent and original reuse of waste objects as components of new products, from the attribution of richness and value to the creative process that makes an idea unique and original.

The will to Swart know in person actually true to meet, see, understand aims to act as guarantor together designers, products that stand for quality, meaning the ability manual and craftsmanship combined with a rigorous design approach and creative.
Furniture, lighting, accessories, jewelry, fabrics and games are collected within the categories home, person and children.
The selection includes 100 products born from the work of designers who manage the entire production chain: from concept to design, from production to promotion.
A well-known designers in the Italian scenario of self alongside young growing company offering unusual items never before marketed on the web.


spreads a selection of original products 

promotes projects enterprising designers

believes in alternative production systems

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