Cindy Lamp / Bonaguro Giorgio

Cindy Lamp / Bonaguro Giorgio it has been modified: 2011-09-20 di Benedetto Fiori

The Cindy Lamp, designed by Bonaguro Giorgio, Has an easy fit and iconic, commemorates the typical lampshade.
It differs from the great Classic which inspires it mainly for the use of only one material for the whole lamp: body and cap are both made of

Pyrex glass.
Among other things, this lamp is made up of only these two parts: the body, which includes, in a single glass element, the base, the neck, and the housing for the bulb (the only part to be frosted to avoid glare); and the removable cap to facilitate assembly and cleaning. The elements are not connected by screws or joints; the bulb and the colored wire are inside the body (the bulb can be easily removed from the opening at the top); the wire comes out of a small "arm" connected to the body, as if it wanted to "help find the switch" to turn it on.

Images: Sergio Bianco


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