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CHAIRS & MORE presents the new products it has been modified: ‭2014-06-30 di jessica zannori

Chairs & More presented to the Furniture expo Milan's some interesting news: Churros, jujube and Gotham Woody.

Collection Churros. Design: Kazuko Okamoto

The program Churros expresses and integrates two essential concepts for a seat contemporary: the usability of use and modularity of composition, responding fully to the advanced and complex needs of the contract sector.

What immediately strikes of this collection is an extremely simple and easy to interpret modularity. The seat Churros is able to adapt to any type of space, playing with the sinuous shape and ergonomic of each element, develop into circular shapes or elongated, occupying space that size and shape can be very different.

This extreme ability to expand and fill the space or, on the contrary, enclose it forming circular and intimate places, intended for relaxation and waiting, suggested to Chairs & More the idea of ​​making the Churros project also suitable for outdoor use.
The collection is then formed by 2 types of seating: Churros OUT, in an innovative polyurethane suitable inside, and Churros IN, coated fabric flame retardant, typically suitable for indoor environments.

In both cases, the structure is made with the new soft PolyPlus that, unlike the other polyurethanes, is presented with a very smooth texture and soft enough to be appreciated just for its looks soft, comfortable and aesthetically very uniform.

In both variants, the colors are used to express the strength and originality of the collection. The colors have been selected to offer a wide choice to the designer and decorator, who can count on a palette of neutral colors that is lit and vibrant.

To accompany the collection, a small and functional table with Corian countertop, useful as support for drinks, magazines, tablet, which creates visually original break points on the line continues the sessions.

Churros 3-4Churros

Churros 4a

Churros 5a

Churros 5b

Churros 7a

Churros cover

Collection jujube. Design: Design Studio 4P1B

Jujube is a full range of sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chairs with a graphic design lightweight and yet very marked. The backrest, metal tube with a network design, is the stationery that, in manifest itself more or less relevant depending on the version of sitting, connotes the whole collection.

Jujube is a real system consisting of modular elements that are combined with each other to form different types of session. The sofa, for example, can be in two places, with bench or ottoman; can have two backs or be asymmetric; can furnish the interior spaces, such as external depending on the accessories chosen.

The materials and finishes are born for the outdoors: the painting is galvanized; the laminated larch, the plot in nautical rope and fabrics are treated for UV resistance and moisture.
The padded quilt and the wide range of colorful fabrics, together with the combination of special materials and refined, making the collection Jujube an authentic piece of furniture for the interior, offering insights of great originality to interior designers. In version fully padded, made exclusively for indoor, quilting resumes perfectly the graphic design of the back, so as to be even more soft and comfortable.

Jujube 04

Jujube 06-07

Jujube 08

Jujube 09

Jujube 12

Jujube 13

Jujube 16

Collection Gotham Woody. Design: Dario Delpin

Gotham Woody extends the Gotham family - present for several years in the Chairs & More production and much appreciated for the characterization of the backrest with the original "teardrop" hole - with seats, stools and lounge in walnut and ash, with base in wood and black painted metal sled.

Gotham Woody aims to enhance the wood shell in the matching, modern and contemporary, the metal structure, where the essences of matter vibrate harmoniously with the approach to the luster of these materials. Even the color is the protagonist, with a choice of soft tones and colors inspired by the Nordic taste like sage green, pink, pale gray in a matte finish.

To further enrich the entire range Woody, the Gotham padded, made with very specific details: here the fabric enhances and softens the session, highlighting the profile of the shell with a thin beaded edge.

The lounge offers another type of seat, very comfortable and refined, particularly suitable in hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and reception, as well as in residential areas for relaxation.

For each version is offered the seat, also with arms, and the stool double height of 65 and 80 cm.

Gotham Woody 1

Gotham Woody 3-4

Gotham Woody lounge

Gotham Woody S

Gotham Woody SG-65

Gotham Woody SL-PI

Gotham Woody SL

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