Wallpaper to give an immersive experience: new concept for Maurizio Marcato

Wallpaper to give an immersive experience: new concept for Maurizio Marcato it has been modified: 2019-08-27 di terzomillennium

The wallpaper breaks the concept of space and accompanies the guest in an immersive experience outside the box: the international photographer Maurizio Marcato has created a unique interior design project for Verona Romana Apartments, a historic building located a few steps from the Arena, between Castelvecchio and Portoni Borsari.

Porta Leoni, Porta Borsari, Arco dei Gavi, Decumano Massimo, Ponte Pietra and Roman Theater: six apartments that recall, through blow-ups, the symbolic places of Verona. The wallpapers created by the specialized company Creativespace, depict black and white images by Maurizio Marcato that tell of a Verona rich in history and charm. Unmistakable, its signature embellishes the environments of this structure that combine new and old in an innovative and unprecedented key. The soft colors soften and give a sense of comfort amplified by the detailed shots of the historic monuments of Verona.

In addition to the rooms, Maurizio Marcato has literally transformed the corridor that leads to the rooms into an immersive experience. Thanks to a careful study of the shapes and to the specific arrangement of the wallpapers, he succeeded in giving a sense of three-dimensionality to the environment, accompanying the gaze in a path for Piazza Bra starring a spectacular Arena. An optical illusion that makes the guest completely lose the feeling of being in an apartment, projecting it directly into the main square of the city.

"I had a dream, to build a large space made of ephemeral matter, to concretely tell how the feeling, the seeing and the touch can be the result of illusion" said Maurizio Marcato, who, telling the project of the corridor, continues "I wanted to develop a technique of immersive photography, to give guests the illusion of finding themselves in the most famous square of the city, a stone's throw from the Arena. I chose black and white because they allow the human eye to access shapes more easily, which are fundamental in this space game. "

Among the future projects of Maurizio Marcato there is certainly the application of this immersive technique, which uses amorphous photography, also in art exhibitions as well as in interior projects.

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