Box Marche / Unbox your skills: the conclusion of the next contest

Box Marche / Unbox your skills: the conclusion of the next contest it has been modified: 2012-06-22 di Gianluca Massobrio

Just a few days at the end of Unbox your Skill, A stimulating and original competition nationally organized by Box Marche Spa - Corinaldo (AN) paper converting company -, aimed at all young that will compete in the draw the best packaging and that will reward the winner with a collaboration remunerated at the same company. Web Contest, in fact, will close on Sunday 1 July!

We recall briefly the main elements that characterize the competition (the official press release is published Wed):


What should I create?

A model of the packaging! In particular, the company has indicated six categories Change the Box, Ie the packages to be performed must be functional to the markets of 'Leatherwear, the Food & Beverage, householdand Beautyand Nutraceutical and to the Exhibitors. Is not specified constraint, to leave total freedom of initiative to boys, both as regards the physical structure of the package is the external graphics for both the type of product, as long as they fall within the six categories.

E 'was also created a seventh category Special: Change the Nature. Box Marche Spa is a company with the soul green and believes in the principle of eco-sustainability. What is it? Are you able to think of a pack of plastic, aluminum, glass ... and re-invent it using paper and cardboard? Try it!


How to participate?

It is enough to go here, fill in the fields of the registration form and upload your work! 


Interesting, but what do you win?

A partnership (or internships in the case of students) paid for a period of 6 months with Box Brands!

Not only! We will devote even a space on Next, the house organ of Box Marche Spa. It is a magazine that the company distributes nationwide about 3000 contacts between companies, cultural institutes, public bodies and universities.

Still unsatisfied? The winner will receive even a certificate that will certify the victory.

Plus the best project category Change the Nature will be further rewarded: insert for 3 months in the Top of Box Marche the image of his project by giving visibility to the author.


Evaluation criteria:

Here's what will be our evaluation criteria:

  1. Creativeness
  2. Originality
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Features
  5. Maneuverability
  6. Ergonomic spaces and furniture


For further information, simply contact


We just have to wish you good luck !!

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