Wellness and hospitality: Selva furnishes the Nordseehotel Kröger in Germany

Wellness and hospitality: Selva furnishes the Nordseehotel Kröger in Germany it has been modified: 2019-08-28 di terzomillennium

Wellness and hospitality, a winning combination. Selva knows this well and indeed this is the basic concept that guided the company to furnish the Nordseehotel Kröger, a hotel facility at 4 stars, located in Langeoog, one of the seven islands of the German East Frisian archipelago.

Not far from the historic water tower, this hotel features 34 rooms and had already been furnished by Selva in the 2001 with the Villa Borghese collection by Selva Timeless. Today the rooms have been completely renovated to be in line with current trends: a more casual, more contemporary look. Together with the property it was decided to enhance the hotel, highlighting its strengths and focusing on a topic that could tell the whole beauty of the location. Thus the theme of the "Hunt on Langeeog" was born, thus linking both the hotel and the restaurant.

Cabinets, wardrobes, mirrors, desks have been maintained and Selva has added, to create the right atmosphere, the new furniture from the Villa Borghese collection by Selva Timeless. The protagonists here are the shades of gray combined with metallic details that give character to the furnishings. Spaces have been inserted into the rooms for relaxation, small lounges in casual style, which blend well with the wallpapers and other decorative elements on the theme "Hunting on Langeeog". Selva has designed the sofas, soft and enveloping, so that the covers are removable and therefore washable. Furthermore, they have been designed to be modular and convertible into real extra beds.

The Nordseehotel Kröger is certainly an example of sustainability: in fact, Selva furniture continues to be used, appreciating its timeless elegance and high quality. What is completely new is the concept, a new - "thematic" - way of seeing and experiencing the structure, accompanying the guest on a unique journey.

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