B-LINE presents the chair HOOP by Karim Rashid

B-Line - HOOP by Karim Rashid
B-Line - HOOP by Karim Rashid
B-LINE presents the chair HOOP by Karim Rashid it has been modified: 2016-06-02 di jessica zannori

B-LINE It preserves the important legacy of legendary designers and continues to grow meeting some of eclectic as Karim Rashid, who has therefore created the HOOP chair.

HOOP is a decisive sign, minimal and at the same time sensual and light, almost aerodynamic, a curve with enveloping ergonomics. By varying the colors of the rigid polyurethane seat and the bases, slender steel tubes or solid turned beech legs, HOOP expresses sober elegance or lively cheerfulness, domestic warmth or managerial rigor, it stands as a pastel sign or as a decisive trait of felt-tip pen.

HOOP becomes the characteristic feature of the environment it inhabits, it is the right object to define the personality of a space, the image of domestic environments or the traits of the brand in the many solutions it can create for the multiform world of contract.

Karim Rashid says of her:

"The sensual minimalism is my mantra and HOOP chair is its full incarnation. HOOP with its soft structural polyurethane surface resting on a wooden or metal base is an expression of pure design and essenziale.La its ergonomic shape provides an integrated socket in the body. The simplicity of Hoop offers a snug seat, comfortable and relaxing. "

B-Line - HOOP 2

B-Line - HOOP

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