Asa Lamp, Erlon Tessari for Munclair

Asa Lamp
Asa Lamp, Erlon Tessari for Munclair it has been modified: 2019-04-11 di Benedict Flowers

Part of the large collection of Brazilian design objects hosted at the Be Brasil exhibition at Fuorisalone 2019, ASA Lamp, the elegant suspension lamp designed by Erlon Tessari for Munclair.

ASA in Portuguese means wing. The ASA lamp has the ability to make movements similar to those of a bird's wings, movements that allow birds and suspensions to remain in perfect balance in the air. The vertical rod is fixed and the horizontal rod can be slid back and forth and also rotate up and down.

The dome has an articulation that allows for 90 degree focus adjustment. The design signed by Erlon Tessari for Munclair allows the customer to be co-creator of this model, creating a unique piece based on the size of the space and the desired look. The fact that the fixture does not have a central axis means that it can also be installed in decentralized light points with respect to the place to be illuminated, bringing a nice solution to this common problem.

ASA Lamp can be used alone or in compositions of two or more.

Materials Aluminum. Glossy or opaque arms and painted dome.


booms: Satin aluminum, Champagne, Copper, Satin Gold;

Dome: Matt White (White Cable), Shappire Blue (Black Cable), Matt Coffee (Brown Cable), Brown (Brown Cable), Matt Gold (Brown Cable), Graphite (Black Cable), Matt Black (Black Cable).

Weight: 720g

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