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Arago Design / Collectible Ceramics Fluid it has been modified: 2012-07-06 di Benedetto Fiori

Fluid is a collection of ceramic tableware drawn by Dario Oggiano and Elisabetta Di Bucchiano, Which tells the technical path that created them. The stages of plasticity of clay, its liquid form casting in plaster molds, are stored and explained in the drops that are formed on the edge of the containers during the emptying of the molds.

The elementary forms and the free expansion of matter we speak of the return to a more balanced relationship between man and nature. Ceramics Fluid is a "Trojan horse" leading to the homes the story technician that man has been able to write but has forgotten.



Ceramic Fluid Make 01

Ceramic Fluid Fare02

Ceramic Fluid Fare03

Ceramic Fluid Fare04

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