Andrea Vecera: November Rain

Andrea Vecera: November Rain
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November Rain is a project by Andrea Vecera for a self-sufficient tomb, which recovers water and also uses it to generate the electricity needed to power a LED.

The Concept.
Water is life; recovering, storing and reusing it is a noble gesture that every human being should make their own. Many individuals will continue to do good even "post mortem" and those who have never worried will do so from beyond. November Rain is a synthesis of concepts on the value of water; the sacredness celebrated by the impluvium, a cross between a chalice and a basin for holy water; turning on a light making the benefactor's soul "alive" through the water itself, and the ritual of watering a living being. A self-sufficient tomb that ennobles the soul, consecrates the role of water and makes hope alive.

Andrea Vecera: November Rain

Technology and materials.
The impluvium and base are obtained by rotational molding and thermoforming in Cristalplant, a composite material made up of a high percentage of natural mineral fillers (ATH separated from bauxite) and a low percentage of high purity polyester and acrylic polymers; it is therefore an inert, non-toxic and resistant material. The main base is made of Carrara marble. The power supply of the LED takes place through a mechanism that in contact with water generates low voltage electricity, such as the new generation AA batteries. The rainwater remains inside a tank with a siphon that avoids evaporation and the proliferation of mosquitoes. The distribution takes place through a tap with a button, it is possible to dispense the water present inside the tank without any mechanism, as the water drops by gravity, there is also a slight slope that allows the water to go down to the last drop.

Suggestions and design ethics in the care of the details.
November Rain was born, for its formal aspect, from the concept of “Altar”, an iconography sought in linking sacredness to a natural element like water that comes from the sky. The impuvium has the function of collecting as much rainwater as possible and storing it inside. It draws inspiration from a chalice to enhance the sacredness of the content. The candle is a drop, an icon of rain and water, equipped with a water-powered LED. The raindrops that fall into a body of water generate concentric circles, the resulting design can perform very specific functions.

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