ALIMENTA ITALIA the first WORK ACADEMY in the Italian culinary art sector

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ALIMENTA ITALIA the first WORK ACADEMY in the Italian culinary art sector it has been modified: 2024-05-16 di Benedetto Fiori

Those of Food and Design are two increasingly interconnected worlds. Alimenta Italia does not only teach the secrets of Italian cuisine but also some aspects, which we could define as food design, to become a professional of Italian gastronomy, entrepreneur or manager.

 Alimenta Italia is the first Work Academy to do business and become professionals in Italian catering, open to students from all countries. From September 2012, courses aimed at both professionals in the sector and those who are beginners and want to find a new job or create a new business through the excellence of Italian culinary culture have started.

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Located in one of the most important agri-food districts of the Bel Paese, about 30 km from Milan, Alimenta Italia was born with the support of the Padano Technological Park of Lodi, where it has its headquarters, the National Research Council, the Italbiotec Consortium, the Municipality of Milan and prestigious brands in the sector, including CASTAlimenti. An initiative that has a dual purpose. The first is to encourage the formation of new companies and to multiply job opportunities and to do business in a sector that is now more strategic than ever, also in view of Expo 2015. The other is to play the role of an important showcase of Made in Italy and above all of Italian culinary culture and related companies of excellence.

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La Work Academy avails itself of the collaboration of one of the most qualified teaching staff - starred chefs, Italian champions, innovators of products and processes and great professionals of the trade: Roberto Carcangiu, Giunetto Cardelli, Diego Crosara, Piergiorgio Giorilli, Gianluca Guagneli, Pierpaolo Magni, Igignio Massari , Raimondo Mendolia, Francesco Palmieri, Achille Zoia, and many others make up an exceptional team.

Four disciplines of specialization: pasta-gastronomy, bread-pizza, ice cream, cakes. The training lean, innovative and operational, with limited number of participants, provides intensive courses from a 5 10 days, followed by a distance training consists of e-learning and coaching for the student to follow step by step in his career . Lessons available in Italian, English or other languages ​​of interest in homogeneous groups.

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Used for theoretical and practical training, Alimenta Italia's 1.000 m2 of specialized laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technical and educational machinery and equipment. Under the guidance of the great masters, the participants learn about products and raw materials, experiment with dish preparation techniques and possible errors in their execution, have direct contact with the newest equipment and methodologies to prepare the most important dishes and known of the Italian food culture of the highest quality, according to original standards and recipes. The organization of the kitchen and the rationalization of production processes, the sources of supply of raw materials, their sensory and organoleptic characteristics, the nutritional properties and the relationship with health, the costs of supplying and producing the dishes are also studied in depth. .

Provides all the elements of an economic nature to start, improve and speed up an independent business, in addition to contacts with suppliers and facilities. For those who want to enrich their professional skills, broaden the offer and the menu of their business, start their own business, to give a new identity to its work, the excellence of Italian cuisine and Italian style can work as a plus and opportunity to innovate the portfolio of products and services offered. But even for those who are tired of their jobs or lost and wants back in the game by opening an ice cream parlor, a pizzeria, a bakery or restaurant, Powers Italy offers the ability and know-how to create new businesses in the sector.

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24 September 2012 OPEN DAY: introduction to the craft entrepreneur Pizzaiolo
25 September 2012 OPEN DAY: introduction to the craft entrepreneur Gelatiere
1 October start courses Pizzeria and Gelateria

October 1 2012 OPEN DAY: introduction to the craft entrepreneur Cook
October 2 2012 OPEN DAY: introduction to the craft entrepreneur Pasticcere
October 8 2012 start courses Chef and Pastry Chef

Since October 22 2012 start courses in language

For more information and to register:
phone + 39 0371 092002

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