Alfred Coffee Table / Giorgio Bonaguro

Alfred Coffee Table / Giorgio Bonaguro it has been modified: 2011-05-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Alfred Coffee Table is a simple round coffee table to receive their guests, but especially for its 5 legs and materials. Its five legs are different in location and size, and want to represent the five fingers of the hand when the waiter brings to the table the tray with the coffee you ordered.

The tray is represented by the round top of the table (with the holes in the legs that pass through to lighten the table and facilitate the extraction of the mold), and by the colored tempered glass top that can be removed, and this is the tray that can be removed. be taken or placed on the table. The table is in Cristalplant® and the tempered glass top can be colored in green, orange, red, gray and yellow.





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