The 2013 edition of Florence Design Week, theme of the Festival: "Crossing People"

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The 2013 edition of Florence Design Week, theme of the Festival: "Crossing People" it has been modified: 2013-05-14 di Benedict Flowers

The 20 edition of Florence Design Week in a selection of prestigious and active Florentine locations. Professionals from around the world, companies, universities, buyers, art directors, fans, artists, find themselves FirenzeIn the heart of the city in the most beautiful days of the year, for an all-round LifeStyle, Enjoyment, Art of Living in the name of the business and conviviality.

Crossing People, The theme of the Festival which will be explained in many meetings, open to the large international audience and that will inspire the creations of designers and artists involved.

People crossing Florence conscious of its historical baggage and its present value, to immerse yourself in a route where, by the National Central Library and through Bombicci Guicciardini Strozzi Palace, the design combines the noble character of the place.

People percorronor new scenarios of sustainability and innovation, in a series of interactive experiences at the Walled Complex, where workshops, speed dinners, cultural and entertainment shows will alternate between sustainable business, and digital culture in collaboration with FabLab and ToscanaIN. Furthermore, the competition DESIGN WIN MAKE dedicated to all digital artisans.

People beyond the distance that exists between Italy, Brazil, Russia (with Lungarno Collection), the United States, Taiwan, Spain, England, Denmark, China, to find themselves in the various places where the Festival in the expression of their way of doing design finds the expression of its deep culture to fertilize new collaborations. Among the international guests include Russian Design Pavilion and SIDA Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association.

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People are compared during the meeting "Chromo Sapiens, the evolution of color in architecture and design" at the State Archives, which in addition to the conference promotes innovative creations by young international designers and the exhibition "A three-dimensional funds from the State Archives of Florence ”by Associazione Le Polveriere, from 21 to 25 May.

People go through the design concept to meet the large international contemporary art scenes, in the elegant Palazzo Borghese and Grand Hotel Minerva, in a shared experience with the magazine Arttour International, in collaboration with Vivid Arts Network. Art for Florence Design Week, this year in collaboration with Florence Biennale, at the State, National Library and Archive LINE contemporary art space. Art and design meet, and are reflected in the colors, and feed on shared experiences.

People intersect Art.Co in Contemporary Crafts, in collaboration with CNA Firenze, the protagonist for a second experience of reflection and action on craft made in Italy, "Made Deluxe, the meeting between the art of light and contemporary jewelry", which sees the involvement of craft companies, designers and international networks. Furthermore, collaboration with PATRONAT COSTA BRAVA SPAIN for the project dedicated to SALVADOR DALI 'and the connection with the theme of the birth of Venus by Botticelli in a contemporary way, a gala dinner in surrealistic key, where design, art and conviviality intertwine.

Crossing People. Will this and much more.

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The opening of the Festival It is scheduled for the day 20 17 May at at the Brunelleschi Hall of the palace of the Guelph, During which will receive the prize of the contest "Design Win Make the contest that rewards creativity and innovation and transforms ideas into real products", Created by MakeTank, Maker of the digital marketplace and new designers in collaboration with, The web magazine of furniture and design.

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