Agorà: a radiator with which Tubes has revisited tradition in a contemporary key

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Agorà: a radiator with which Tubes has revisited tradition in a contemporary key it has been modified: 2024-05-08 di air

Agora, drawn by Nicola De Ponti, comes from the classic cast iron radiator, here covered with an elegant design, in which they come together formal research and technological innovation: its harmonious lines evoke shapes of memory, giving to the environments a touch of tradition revisited in a contemporary key.

Characterized by large versatility, thanks to the three versions (without decoration, with single decoration and with double decoration) and in the 190 available sizes, it can also be placed from scratch or replace old radiators without having to resort to building work.

Offered in a white version, the Agorà radiators integrate impeccably with the light tones of the rooms of the apartment project designed by Studio 2A Architetti, creating a harmonious and delicate atmosphere. Thanks to the linearity and cleanliness of the design, the heating elements blend perfectly with the overall aesthetics while maintaining the purity of the spaces intact. Furthermore, the absence of valves or visible technical components helps to obtain the minimal and refined effect sought by the designer.

Entirely made of drawn wire aluminum, with standard wheelbases, Agorà is composed of rather large modular elements (13,7 cm) which create possibilities for combinations of great interest, in particular for renovations. Agorà's objective is in fact to provide the designer a product that, depending on the space in which it must be placed, integrates harmoniously in both traditional contexts (for example to replace the old low-height radiators positioned under the windows), both in contemporary spaces, where it can express its architectural dimension with modules up to 220 cm high.

Furthermore, so that the radiator can be inserted into any type of project, they are available Custom-made attachments, which can be positioned both vertically and horizontally and, to maintain the sculptural character and purity of the lines unaltered, the GVR (Remote Valve Group) valves can be connected remotely, separated from the heating body.

Available in a hydraulic version, Agorà allows a high energy saving with very low water consumption. Made of aluminum, as well as being sustainable as 100% recyclable, has exceptional conductivity: it is made up of fins inside which enhance its thermal performance and increase the speed of heat transmission. Agorà reacts quickly to temperature variations and this allows for considerable energy savings.

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