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Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project (Award Eur 36,000)

Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project (Award Eur 36,000) it has been modified: 2019-08-23 di desallcom

The Swiss tradition of producing Emmentaler AOP cheese has for centuries focused on the art of cheese-making, on the skill of the artisan gesture and on the expertise of the Man-made Hand made with care: care of nature, time, matter, know-how and the vital energy of the environment in which we live.

In order to be able to continue reading, updating and interpreting its values ​​in an innovative, contemporary and disruptive manner, Emmentaler Switzerland has always been very attentive and interested in involving, supporting and promoting the world of arts, talent and widespread creativity.

As in other competitions, exhibitions and previous communication activities, Emmentaler Switzerland is launching a new, open creative competition for the collection, enhancement and display of a wide selection of thematic works and artworks.


In the last decades of new globalization, we have learned to appreciate both some values ​​and products widely common to many civilizations, and values ​​and products expressly linked to the geographical, historical and cultural origins of individual specific territories.

This announcement is interested in collecting, enhancing and displaying works and artworks that tell stories of Swiss originality. Originality understood both in the most precise, relevant and "Swiss" methods and contents, and in the more ironic, interpretative and disruptive methods and contents.

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Upload phase: 29 April 2019 - 5 September 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
Community vote: 5 September 2019 - 19 September 2019 (1.59 PM UTC)
Jury rating: from 5 September 2019
Winning announcement: during the Exhibition-Event, in November 2019


The total of cash awards is of 36.000,00 Euro, divided into 6 award and 6 special mentions.

Participation in the competition is free, not onerous, open to all, without any limitation of nationality, profession, study, competence or any other form of restriction, except for the completion of the 18 ° year of age on the date of registration to the competition

Contest with the patronage of Brera - Academy of Fine Arts and the support of the Cumulus Association.


In the first half of November 2019 will be set up in Milan an important Exhibition-Event in which the winning projects, the mentioned projects and a wide selection of projects deemed to be of relevant quality and relevance to the general objectives of the competition will be exhibited.


  • Andrea Amichetti, Zero - Founder
  • Stefano Aronica, Consortium Emmentaler AOP
  • Giovanna Frova, Switzerland Cheese Marketing Italy
  • Maria Cristina Galli, Brera Academy - Deputy Director
  • Michael Krohn, ZhdK Zürich Hochschule der Künste - Cumulus Association
  • Stefano Maffei, PoliFactory - Director
  • Massimo Bruto Randone, SosDesign - Founder
  • Antonio Riccardi, SEM - Publisher and Poet
  • Toni Thorimbert, Studio Thorimbert - Photographer

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