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Creative Diary 2014 promoted by IED: Design for a Better World

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Creative Diary 2014 promoted by IED: Design for a Better World it has been modified: 2014-07-24 di RedOffice

There are just under 40 days to go (until 1 September 2014) to close the IED Creative Diary "Design for a better world - design for a better world",

the contest open to all designers for assigning 27 scholarships.

"Design for a Better World" is the theme of Creative Diary 2014 promoted by IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, which encourages young people to develop creative ideas and projects that describe this topic, applicable to the sector that you prefer between Fashion, Design, Visual Communication, Management and Communication.

The contest was open 4 June and will be until September 1 all'2014; open to all designers, currently has 80 selected projects.

Creative Diary 2014 "Design for a better world" IED is aimed at young creatives who compete to win 27 scholarships for master (year 2014 / 15) of Fashion, Design and Visual Communication in Milan, Rome, Turin, Cagliari, Florence , Venice, Madrid and Barcelona.

Creative Diary is tied to 'Creative Contexts' (Designers and Brands), a community promoted by IED time to aggregate, at the request of the most important brands and innovative, creative and passionate people over 90 countries involved in the fields of fashion, design, visual arts and communication. The goal is to accelerate the interaction between designers and brands to find new talent, develop new ideas, develop projects and follow them up to the finished product and their promotion on the market.

Creative Contexts public so all competitions IED and their brand partners around the world, in order to allow participants of the community to compete on creativity. One can thus record and enroll in each competition and present their project, trying to win a job, a scholarship, earning money or express their creativity to bring their ideas and talent directly on the market.

For information and participation:

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