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Competition Structure and Personalize your slippers Flap and you can receive them as a gift for Christmas 2013

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Competition Structure and Personalize your slippers Flap and you can receive them as a gift for Christmas 2013 it has been modified: 2021-05-13 di Benedetto Fiori after renewing its portal launches New COMPETITION for its users in collaboration with De-Structure, Creator of likeable slippers Flap, designed by Francesca Macchi.Participants must propose an idea to customize the original and warm FLAP slippers according to your taste, creativity or need. We at Social Design Magazine will have the pleasure of being part of the jury which will select the winning proposal.

From the embroidered initials to the welcome message for the guests, from the mustache to be applied for Santa Claus slippers to the favorite pattern ... there are endless ideas that can be proposed. The winner or winner of the contest will have as a prize a pair of slippers Flap by De-structure designed to measure designed with customization.

To enter the competition it is sufficient to describe how you would like to personalize the slippers through a text, a drawing, a photograph or anything else that can illustrate the idea. The project must be published on the BELNOTES.COM Facebook page in post FLAP out, Dedicated to the contest.

A JURY of designers, bloggers and pierre design will evaluate the proposals.  THE MOST STIMULATING AND ORIGINAL IDEA, according to the unquestionable judgment of the judges, WILL BE REALIZED AND GIFTED TO THE WINNER, by Christmas 2013!

DE-STRUTTURA is a new reality born from the meeting of young entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their skills, methods and experiences with the creative genius of Italian excellence and talents. The company offers innovative, captivating and refined objects for the person and home, united, as well as by the Italian spirit, by a pleasant, practical and refined design intended for a consumer attentive to the aesthetics and sustainability of the products purchased. These, in fact, are and will be designed and manufactured with a low environmental impact with natural, eco-friendly or recycled materials, belonging to the Italian culture and tradition.

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