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The theme of water and sustainability are central in this 2015 Expo “Feeding the Planet”. Also maniva He wanted to contribute in this way supporting the artist's work construction Matteo Peretti entitled Volumes: Water.

Installation is selected among the finalists of the Arte Laguna Prize inaugurated the 21 March 18 hours: 30 (on display until 5 April) at the Venice Arsenal. It will then move to the island of Certosa on the occasion of the Venice Biennale (9 22 May-November) and the PAN Museum of Naples (July 6-3 2015 August) on the occasion of the retrospective of the artist's work.

The work is made up of two parts: on one side a two-meter cube made up of 292 Maniva water boxes containing 1764 bottles for a total of 1323 liters of mineral water, on the other, a short distance away, an industrial drum containing 55 gallons or 208 liters of drinking water.

The work intends to reflect on the importance of a particular element, water, essential to human survival: the cube composed of the cassette is equivalent to the annual average consumption of a family of four in Italy, while the stem contains a quantity d ' water equal to the annual average consumption of a family of three people in the democratic Republic of Congo.

The work in question proposes a larger weighting, albeit not exclusive, about certain social and political implications: is placed in the flow of global production of the artist for its use of heterogeneous materials drawn from everyday life which, decontextualized from their references originating in, and then reassembled by a careful formal labor and sometimes ironic, create new synergies able to elicit a more careful reflection on the part of the viewer; an educational intent that aims to question our core beliefs, to improve both individual thought that the collective one.

Matteo Peretti was born in Rome in 1975 and after classical studies he moved to the US to pursue a degree in visual arts under the guidance of John Pearson and Athena Tacha at liberal universities of Oberlin. In 1998 he has the first solo show in New York, the city where he worked for a year knowing big players like Richard Serra and Cindy Sherman. Since the end of the 1999's in London, the British capital obtained a Master of Fine Arts at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art, has as classmates of today's internationally renowned artists such as Raqib Shaw and exhibits in various galleries making two personal and participating at the Venice Biennale of 2003 in a project curated by Angela Vettese. In 2005 is a founding member of the GIGA (Italian Group Young Artists), a space where he exhibits and care exhibitions and events that tend to enrich the Italian artistic proposal collaborating with prominent critics such as Barbara Martusciello and Gianluca Martians.

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