Trip to the city | Personal Sante Muro

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Trip to the city | Personal Sante Muro it has been modified: 2014-02-11 di Antoinette Campilongo

It opens Tuesday February at 11 17.00 at the Cloister of Bramante Cafeteria, the solo exhibition of Sante Muro by Antonietta Campilongo.

Trip to the city It is the title of the event. The exhibition will be visible all'11 until March 2014

The exhibition in the Bramante Cloister of the café space in Rome, offers through the works by the artist Sante Wall, the theme of travel.

The artist presents through its most recent pictorial works, an emotional map of the city experienced, shared, or simply crossed.

The journey explains the artist has been a valuable source of inspiration, creating a path for images, which reconstructs the most significant stages.

The works of Sante Muro not provide full views of the metropolis; represent the memory of a trip in time and space, in search of lost meaning, show the need to re-establish a relationship. Share a series of poetic sensibility and rationality, on which is grafted the cycle of personal stress and covered places. Seating with blurred boundaries that is measured on the limit value, defined as income but also as a melting point and integration between the parties.

A search of the places through the chromatic element and stretch beyond the image itself represented, does not paint a symbolic place but a perception, a memory, a vision connected to that place, a portrait on which reflected.

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Title: Trip to the city | Personal Sante Muro
Edited by Antoinette Campilongo
ArtistSante Muro
Organization: NwArt
Period: dall'11 February all'11 March 2014
Vernissage: Tuesday February 11 2014, hours 17.00 / 20.00
Address: the Cloister of Bramante café - Upper Porch

5 via Arco della Pace, Rome

T. 339 4394399 - 06 / 68809035

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