Old books transformed into sculptures by Brian Dettmer

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Old books transformed into sculptures by Brian Dettmer it has been modified: 2014-11-11 di virgilio accounts

Brian Dettmer turns old books into sculptures with scalpels and other surgical instruments, from 2002 today his works have been exhibited in more than 120 exhibitions worldwide.

The books are timeless pieces of knowledge and history. They are the best teachers and storytellers of the past. These printed materials are priceless and are considered immortal to some extent, but in the era of innovation in which anything can be digitized, printed materials such as books and encyclopedias, are suffering from a huge drop in popularity especially among younger Because of their modern versions such as e-books.

We must also admit the fact that any kind of information can be acquired through the Internet. Leaving the books on dusty shelves that only serve as ornaments for the home.

Brian Dettmer, also known as the surgeon of the book, he found a way that has given a new life to these books.

He uses old materials such as books, maps, encyclopedias, textbooks to create unique and incredible. Using tweezers, knives, scalpels and other surgical instruments, dissects the book and discovers gradually its most hidden, not even he really knows what the end result of his creations. "This makes it even more exciting," said Dettmer.

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The artist begins his process by sealing the edges of the old book with the glue. Once the edges are well sealed and the books are in the shape you want, start digging bit by bit layer by layer bringing to light a number of letters of each page and the pictures you want to keep. Nothing in the book is moved or implanted, only removed.

Its process can take weeks or even years, depending on how the sculpture is intricate. His work week usually arrives up to 50 hours he spends closed his studio.

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