Paul Vignini | Kaleidoscope

Paul Vignini | Kaleidoscope it has been modified: 2013-11-08 di Antoinette Campilongo

At the inauguration of the exhibition Openartmarket Association nwArt presents the special guest on painting of Paul Vignini titled Kaleidoscope. Review and exhibition curated by Antonietta Campilongo


The systematic research and exaltation of the sign - color connotes the painting of Paolo Vignini, and constitutes its synthesis and the interpretative key of the artistic path.

Far from any narrative intent and explanatory, the work exhibits its definitive presence, to rapid melting geometries decorative plastic abstractions in a cohesive whole and independent. Yet there is no excess or folding formalistic manner, but acts bully filter sensitivity aimed at developing a grammar personal and authentic artistic conception.

The color spreads of color, seeps and expands, pervades in a poetic alteration of lightness and substances.

Few tones following the fall of light on the canvas floor condense into measures to thicknesses of matter, are concentrated in evocations of moods, memories and meetings.

A journey of interior character, a kaleidoscope full of charm and seduction, a planet dissected into a myriad of shapes, which approach and move away, enter into dialogue with colors, having fun with them to create fluctuating movements, in the subtle game of existence.

Technical Data

Title: Kaleidoscope
Edited by Antonietta Campilongo
Artist: Paul Vignini
Organization: nwArt
Period: from November to 16 30 2013 December
Vernissage: Saturday November 16 2013, 18.00 hours
Opening exhibition: Monday-Friday at 10.00-19.00, Saturday hours 10.00-16.00 - 21 from December to January 7 closed for Christmas holidays.
Admission: € 2 card
Venue: Foundry Arts Via Assisi 31, Rome

T. 339 4394399 - 06 7842112

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