Collective exhibition "BRAND ART - The soul of the Brand", Milan, Palazzo Isimbardi

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Collective exhibition "BRAND ART - The soul of the Brand", Milan, Palazzo Isimbardi it has been modified: 2014-06-04 di Benedict Flowers

On the occasion of the Mediastars Festival, the “flashing” collective show BRAND ART - The soul of the Brand will be set up at Palazzo Isimbardi, headquarters of the Province of Milan in Corso Monforte 35, on 12 and 13 June.

Organized by Media Star Editore, the exhibition will take place under the patronage of the Province of Milan, UNICOM - National Union of Communication Companies, AI - Association of Image Authors, Brand Identikit and RestArt Association and the collaboration of Carioca Communication.

“From the creations of Andy Warhol to the production of the Austrian artist Swetlana Heger, who coined the term Brand Art as a movement following Pop Art, for years the brand and the graphic sign have been a source of inspiration for art. With this exhibition we offer enthusiasts and professionals an Italian window on the world of contemporary art linked to the communication sector ”, declares the director of Media Star Editore, Giulio Rodolfo.

The exhibition BRAND ART - The soul of the Brand will offer a multifaceted look at this form of art through the work of the artists Zibe, Andrea Costa, Gaetano Grizzanti, Mich Farè, Monica Menozzi, Paolo Rui. Furthermore, the RestART Association will present 370 pins selected for the second edition of the International Pins Contest RestART.

Claudia Simoncini, art historian, is the curator. "Brand Art is not born in opposition to the previous production, on the contrary it finds valid roots in it that give new life to shapes, colors, traits used by the artists of the movement to convey messages to the viewer, whether moral or transgressive, with an extraordinary strength of 'impact. They are also in some way indebted to those artistic currents of the 900th century which made everyday objects the "biscuit box" by De Chirico, the "pipe" by Magritte, the "bicycle wheel" by Duchamp as protagonists, albeit with different messages. , the “iron” of Man Ray and even further back the brocades, velvets and silks painted as the backs of the thrones on which delicate Renaissance Madonnas sat ”, she says.

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The Artists

Andrea Costa

Engineer, consultant at Arthur Andersen, television producer at Mediaset, around 2007 he decides to devote himself full time to drawing and painting. Formed at the Art Students League in New York, he studied the classics in Florence and Venice. In 2010 he began his exhibition activity, in particular the exhibition “Costa-Rotella, Icons Parallele” in 2011, in June 2012 the exhibition “Epico Quotidiano”. Vodafone Italia was commissioned to execute works permanently exhibited in the Palazzo Vodafone in Milan in XNUMX.


The subversive strength of Zibe lies in its ability to blend the artistic gesture with the vandalism, to combine creative action with acrobatic skills. Vandalism as one of the fine arts, to paraphrase De Quincey, translates in him into an unstoppable production of tags, posters, stickers, stencils that alter the urban landscape, studding it with apparently meaningless signs and icons, advertising for its own sake themselves, brands to which no real product corresponds, which stimulate our unconscious imagination and our curiosity. Memory and Time are constant narrators in Zibe's works, ready to make us remember what we shouldn't.

Gaetano Grizzanti

Consultant for brand identity among the leading experts in the sector, he is today a reference point for the culture of branding in Italy. He is also an artist and since 2000 he has been developing innovative thinking that comes to life from the desire to testify the man's ways of communication of the third millennium, in the now assumed context of globalization. Thus was born the iconist thought, and it

Monica Menozzi

Illustrator, from an early age she collaborated with prestigious magazines such as Scienza & Vita, Donna Più and then Bella. Over the years, publications such as Marie Claire, Grazia, Anna, Vitality, Salve have been added, as well as work for important Milanese advertising agencies creating illustrations for the packaging of brands such as Yomo, Bonomelli, Fattorie Scaldasole, Artsana, Cirio. In addition to thirty years of experience in traditional techniques of classical illustration, he also makes use of digital media and new technologies.

Paolo Rui

President of the EIF-European Illustrators Forum, he is a painter (graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts) and an award-winning illustrator (specialization at the Art Center College of Design in the United States). He works for the publishing and advertising sector.

Michele Farè

Michele Farè is creative director of 3design (brand design agency of the True Company group). His passion for illustration drives him to produce as an artist under the pseudonym of Mich. He is a graduate of the New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA) and in his career he has worked as an art director for large Milanese agencies and has won important awards.

Some works will be available for purchase. On the site insights and charts of artists.

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