ME Milan Il Duca presents the works of Johny Dar

ME Milan Il Duca presents the works of Johny Dar it has been modified: 2019-10-04 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

The program of exhibitions and events continues The Culture Collective by ME Milan Il Duca: during Milan fashion week in September, the 5 star luxury hotel, a meeting place between art, design and fashion, has turned the spotlight on a exclusive collection of works by the artist and designer Johny Dar.

An unmissable opportunity to see live, from the lobby to the Radio Rooftop Bar, an important selection of works taken from "Deep Down / Far Beyond" and from the series "Goddesses of DAR the BOOK".

A happy marriage, the one between ME Milan Il Duca and the artist, both committed to offering new perspectives and to giving life to new art and design experiences, not only to experts and enthusiasts, but also to a wider public.

The extraordinary technique of Johny Dar, considered to be at the forefront of today's art scene, is a new renaissance that attracts international acclaim in different sectors and media. Characterized by unexpected mathematical properties, by an intricate configuration of geometric and organic shapes intertwined together as to create a musical rhythm, all his works are pioneers of an original aesthetic and present exceptional and unmistakable traits, uniquely Dar.

He founded the eponymous brand Johny Dar, a global lifestyle brand, to offer unique experiences in the fields of art, fashion, music, multimedia and interior design. Being engaged in different sectors, Dar is a difficult artist to define, careful not to mass reproduce most of his creations, thus making them even more desirable and precious.

Among the works exhibited at ME Milan Il Duca are the enchanting "Goddesses of DAR the BOOK", hand-drawn, limited edition prints taken from the series of books "DAR the BOOK".

Monochromatic hypnotic expressions of the female form that retrace a visual journey beyond the skin between the labyrinth of emotions, focusing attention on the interiority of women. The subjects are a tangle of white abstract motifs against the black background of the canvas.

In the current climate, between feminism, transgender and the struggle for gender equality, the goddesses of Dar have perhaps never been more relevant. The extraordinary style of artistic expression of this series has emerged from Dar's personal research to balance the male and female aspects of himself.

A crusade that led him to leave his career in fashion and travel the world, trying to go beyond all known techniques and discover new revelations within his own art.
"DAR the BOOK" came to light during that journey, as an artistic remedy to restore the balance between male and female, both within the individual and in society. "It helped me accept my man and embrace the woman inside me," he reveals.

To enrich the exhibition, ME Milan Il Duca also hosts other works by Johny Dar: "Deep Down / Far Beyond", a collection of colorful abstract paintings, inspired by the connection between earth and sky in both the inner and outer realms.

The painted works employ themes and layers of complex colors to obtain a captivating effect and are characterized by strokes, drops, vortices, dynamic lines and movements and color combinations.

"My inspiration for the" Deep Down / Far Beyond "series was to discover the lines that connect the earth and the sky and paint the story of that dance between the two"explains Dar, who gives shape to the complex stories incorporated in each painting, through a careful and precise balance of wild but controlled action.

The black and white prints of "Goddesses" juxtaposed with the paintings "Deep Down / Far Beyond" create a daring and provocative combination; they offer a visual spectacle and invoke a wide range of current topics such as discussions on deep themes between heaven and earth, feminism and the gender equality movement.

It is possible to experience all this through the eyes, the mind and the art of Johny Dar inside an exclusive place in the heart of Milan: ME Milan The Duke will therefore host, until 6 January 2020, this unique, unrepeatable experience , not to be missed.

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