G-Design® / Donata Lombardi @ Water Collection

G-Design® / Donata Lombardi @ Water Collection it has been modified: 2012-10-05 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

The collaboration stems from the dual hidden human need for understanding art from the outside, from the primitive all'astrattivo.

The mere judgment of the suit, which remains detached from content, can become the glue between two apparently conflicting poles.

The artist and the designer, together, want to extrapolate from apparel to interpret suggestively in his live.

The first collection part by the element primordial which is water, understood as the element of life.

Water perceived as the creator of our "guts" by the memory (limestone) can create harsh stalactites in the cave man.

After its journey continues "angry" and grumpy outside the closed space, not recognizing, and arousing in the water itself disruptive desire to enter the cave to bump and knock down the painful memory.

The search for balance and harmony to the music of the infinite ocean calms down gently is found at the end of memory.

And now the astonishment seizes the observer, whereas fails with no small effort to let flow the feeling and passion devoid of barbarism, by testing joy.

These eight evocative pieces of engravings and colors that the artist-designer duo extrapolates from his unconscious to provide a demanding public the joy of surprise their eyes.

Donata Lombardi - Marcello Ghirardi

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