Lisbon's Christmas Lights Competition / ateliermob

Lisbon's Christmas Lights Competition / ateliermob it has been modified: 2011-12-31 di Benedict Flowers

The study Portuguese ateliermob recently implemented the project with which he won the "Lisbon's Christmas Lights Competition" for the realization of enlightenment of Rossio Square.

Ateliermob Portuguese is a study based in Lisbon, which develops ideas and projects in architecture, design and urban planning. His team consists of young architects and designers who worked and studied in many countries.

Ateliermob thought installation of Christmas that seeks to go beyond the images that you would normally associate with Christmas, launching a message in English, the global language, "WE ARE NOT JUNK" trying to invite people to respond in this time when there is talk that does not include the financial position, individual and / or national level and there is a strong perception of "no future".

The installation consists of lamps composed of two plastic bottles reused by 1,50 L, with a small solar led high brightness wrapped in coarse salt, a lamp of semplicwe construction, low cost and without resorting to public lighting.

The lamps arranged on the square make up the phrase subject of the message readable from the highest points of the city




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