Inaugurated "Paleoindustria 1924, last hand of man", new photographic exhibition by Maurizio Marcato

Inaugurated "Paleoindustria 1924, last hand of man", new photographic exhibition by Maurizio Marcato it has been modified: 2018-11-27 di terzomillennium

Verona, November 2018 - The photographic exhibition of Maurizio Marcato dedicated to the former Magazzini Generali in Verona was inaugurated on Saturday 24 November. An engaging and fascinating visual journey (24 works on display) that testify to the deterioration of a historic place in the Scaligero area, rich in memory and mysterious to most.

"This is a service that I realized a report of the former Milan fair a decade ago, at the same time as another project," said Maurizio Marcato in the opening speech. "Everything that was created at the beginning of the century has an incredible fascination about me, I would very much like to document all the industrial archeology. In the photographs you find here exposed a very raw aspect is highlighted, in the prints I then developed a slightly more dramatic side where you can perceive the souls of the people working at the General Warehouses 10-15 hours a day, things we now have Forgot. Today photography has a moment of crisis from a professional point of view, because the number of photos put on the market is so high as to be disorienting: tackling this art with intention and quality is a thing of the past. And I feel like a man from another time ".

The exhibition "Paleoindustria 1924, last hand of the man" is supported by the sponsors Galbusera Assicurazioni and the communication agency Terzomillennium and by the sponsors: Regione del Veneto, Provincia di Verona and Ass.Im.P. Association between entrepreneurs and professionals.

The exhibition, set up at M15, Via Santa Teresa 2, will be open until 21 December 2018 with free admission, from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 18.00.

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