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Slow Food Culture & Art | The art which represents the taste it has been modified: 2014-06-22 di Antoinette Campilongo

It opens Friday, July 4 2014 Slow Food Culture & Art | The art which represents the taste.

With the cooperation of the artists invited to participate, will be dealt with the theme of food, it will be in its essence, a journey through the sensations created by the "visible signs" and "taste", recognized as the cultural and creative heritage.

We discuss the "nourishment" not only from the standpoint of organic, but also in terms of ethical, social and intellectual education to food and to food, borrowed from the artistic representation.

The event will consist of two days, Friday and Saturday 4 5 July. Scheduled debates and conferences on the topic of food and an exhibition of visual arts related to such curated by Antonietta Campilongo.

Show and Conference will be held at the facilities of the former paper mill-Latin, in the park Appia Antica Regional (Via Appia Antica 42, Rome).

Edited by Antonietta Campilongo

Sponsored by:

  • Lazio region
  • Appia Antica Regional Park
  • Roma Capitale Hall Rome VIII
  • CNA Rome

Gender: Art - Visual Arts | Performance | Video | PoesiaA care: Antonietta Campilongo
Texts in the catalog: John Argan, Andrea Catarci, Luigi Straffi. Antonella Catini Lucente, Bart Verlinde, Common Neworld
Catalog: Neworld Editions
Planning and organization: Association Neworld - ecological and social - nwArt
Press Office: NwArt
Exposure period: from 4 to 5 July 2014
Address: Former paper mill Latina - Sala Appia - Conference room - Appia Antica Regional Park
Address: Via Appia Antica, Rome 42
Opening: Friday July 4 and 5 18.30 hours - 23.00
Entrance: sweeper

Program Friday, July 4

18.30 hours Speech by President Andrea Catarci and delll 'Head of Culture Claudio Marotta di Roma Capitale Hall VIII - Conference Room
19.30 hours Performance Takeout Words & Voices - Intervention Choral performative George River
21.30 hours Projection film short BELLY BUTTON BROTH (soup navel) The tale of the pasta maker who invented tortellini Directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi - Conference Room
Hours 22.00 Performance slow motion two days and installation artists § innocent SOMETIMES I FooD VERY VERY SLOW [eating well, eating all (not others) card music]

Scheduled for Saturday, July 5

18.30 hours Feng shui food and cuisine - by Pasquale Fonte and Luigi Straffi - Conference Room
19.30 hours Projection film SLOW FOOD STORY - The history of man and the movement that revolutionized gastronomy - Director: Stefano Sardo - Conference Room
Hours 20.30 Two-day slow motion performance and installation of innocent artists SOMETIMES FOODS VERY VERY SLOW [eat well, eat all (not the others) music paper] 21.00 Hours Social Promotion Association Ethical Space Mother, Love and Fantasy Pasta Demonstration and tasting
Hours 21.30 Performance Flows | Performers:  Canto lunar Awisha Carolina Gentile, Sound lunar Pasquale Di Resta, Poems lunar Lara Ferrara, Sounds lunar Roberto Scippa, Video white wave e maury, Holders of moons.

Special Guest of white wave titled The pace of 13 full moons | a lunar calendar for harmony in the sunlight


Artists Innocenti - Rosella Barretta - Rossana Bartolozzi - Giulia Bonora - Fabio Cameli - Antonietta Campilongo - Antonella Catini - Antonella Catini Lucente - Federica Cecchi - Sergio Coppi - Simona Cristofari - Simonetta De Santis -Silvano De Bernardi - Eaysipop - George River - Daniela Foschi - Catia Ghinelli - Group Sinetetico - Ombretta Iardino - IoSpazio and Laura Bacchetti - Luciano Lombardi - Pompey Massaro - Sante Muro - Albino Palamara - Leonardo Pimp - Loredana Raciti - Luca Rossini and Maura Manfredi - Paolo Russo - Angela Scappaticci - Barbara Uderzo - Bart Verlinde - Marco Veronese - Paul Vignini - Michele Welke.

Tel. 339 4394399


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