Federico Annicchiarico / Intime OFFTIME, from July to 23 10 September Art Core Gallery in Rome, San Lorenzo district

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Federico Annicchiarico / Intime OFFTIME, from July to 23 10 September Art Core Gallery in Rome, San Lorenzo district it has been modified: 2013-07-18 di Benedict Flowers

Intime OFFTIME, the first exhibition of Frederick Annicchiarico. Fifteen shots that explore the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, cultured discreet eye of the photographic medium.

Cognitive images, photographs as personal documents of the soul, the essence of the intimate in a time defined by the click. Such is the first exhibition of Federico Annicchiarico by Title Intime Offitime, 15 shots in Brussels, Rome, Genoa, Alberobello, Brindisi that investigate the intimate relationship between subject and object, between man and space, captured by the discreet eye of the photographic medium.

Will be the beautiful spaces of the Art Core Gallery (Via dei Marrucini 1), in the historic district of San Lorenzo in Rome, to host the photographs of Frederick, from July to 23 10 September, in the second edition of the event Crosswise!

The event was conceived and organized by the Fondazione Volume, born with the desire to combine a variety of languages, creating a meeting place and communication between different artistic fields.

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The first exhibition Federico Annicchiarico Intime Offitime opens with its research on man and his relationship with reality. To contextualize the elements in their nature, the photographer does not build scenes, he does not resort to fiction, but observes the lived experience. A completely personal interpretation of the human element emerges and the desire to use photography as a tangible trace of presence.

Shooting crystallizes the moment in time. The photographer becomes the narrator of a story private reality, environments, and temporal dimensions place fully lived.

The images reveal the nuances that his lens has been able to grasp, with all possible empathy, extreme sensitivity and formal balance.

The desire to grasp life on the immediate basis of a physical and mental feeling pushes Federico to work transversely between cinema and photography. These languages ​​blend in his images, revealing the cinematographic dimension towards which the author's gaze tends, evident in the shots and in the choice of points of view.

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Sometimes the click does not define the spatial limits of what you take but broadens the boundaries. The interest is in fact stop the movement to narrate the soul of an action.

The still image and the movement of a sound possible. Cosimo Terlizzi, director and friend of Federico, welcomes his invitation to create a work dedicated to his photographic selection during the ribbon cutting (23 July, 20 pm, Art Core Gallery, Rome). Terlizzi composes "panoramic", a series of sound tracks dedicated to each proposed image, just as a direct sound engineer would do, with the sole exception that the artist, not present at the time of the shot, draws a very personal suggestion, giving life sound to otherwise silent frames.

This edition starring the photograph, in a series of events that explores the different facets of contemporary research, from photojournalism and documentary, to the more experimental projects by emerging artists.

To expand on the intentions of the cycle of exhibitions, an author will be invited to reflect on the work of the photographer in the exhibition, through a literary composition that accompany the images, telling her, enlarging the visual space and creating a stimulus to different points of view.

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Opening: 23.07.2013 hours 20: 00
Date: by 24.07.2013 to 10.09.2013
Where: Art Core Gallery in Via dei Marrucini 1 / 1a, Rome.
Entrance: free
Timetables: Closed Monday, Tuesday to Sunday, from the 18,00 02,00

tel. 06 6892431 -
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website: // Fb:

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