We can go further 2013: art meets solidarity

We can go further 2013: art meets solidarity it has been modified: 2013-05-05 di Benedict Flowers

After the success of Go over you can 2012, l 'Down Association Lucca intends to create a new project with the intention of involving an even larger audience. The Prize GO BEYOND YOU CAN ' was created to stimulate, enhance and promote creativity in the arts / cultural on the issue of social solidarity, human rights.

The name was inspired by the song written by Samuel Cosentino and sang along with Iacopo Grisafi published in December 2012. Art, in all its forms, is a means able to describe, to tell, to communicate.

The organization invites participants to explore their creativity with the aim to create works capable of telling the invitation is addressed to each of us: to recognize the uniqueness of who we face, even if he lives a special condition, opening eyes and heart.

The diversity, the differences, the obstacles are often the result of alibi, preconceptions, stereotypes. GO BEYOND CAN 'invites the participating artists, through their works, to send messages of hope and overcoming difficult situations.

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