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5 5 Elements | wood, fire, earth, metal, water it has been modified: 2013-05-02 di Antoinette Campilongo

“5 Elements 5” wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Harmonies and contrasts of nature seen through Art and Feng Shui

The group exhibition presented at the Ex Cartiera Latina complex in via Appia Antica, will debut on Saturday 11 May 2013 with a new set-up at 04m Odaka to show Arte in via S. Maria in Monticelli, 66 - Rome. A container space of ideas and art in the contemporaneity of its artists, which show themselves in a different context, in the fusion between the disciplines of Yoga and the passion for art.

Between yoga and art.
From ideas to the facts, by the ideals of the suggestive pleasure of seeing them come to life.
Painting can be a form of yoga: yoga proposing a creation, in the space of art without borders that opens and expands the color from the color to the union.

Technical Data

Name of event: Elements 5 5 / wood. fire. earth. metal. water 
Harmonies and contrasts of nature seen through Art and Feng Shui
Edited by: Antonietta Campilongo
Concept: Luigi Straffi
Genre: Contemporary art and oriental culture
Project and organization: Neworld Association - ecology and social - NWart - Fengshuiroma school
Press Office: nwArt
Exposure period: from the 11 30 May 2013
Venue: o4m Odaka to show
Address: via S. Maria in Monticelli 66 - Rome
Vernissage: Saturday May 11 18.00 hours
Opening hours to the public: Monday. Wednesday . Thursday 14.30pm - 17.00pm Tuesday. Friday 11.00 - 17.00 | Saturday 14.00 - 19.30 | closed on Sunday
Entry shows: free

Scheduled for Saturday, May 11:

18.00 Exhibition opening
18.30 pm Short theoretical exposition on Feng shui by Luigi Straffi and Pasquale Fonte professors of the Fengshuiroma architecture & design School
19.00 Demetra | Poetic Prose by Antonella Catini Lucente
19.30 pm Yoga performance


Rosella Barretta, Rossana Bartolozzi, Mariagrazia Borhy, Antonietta Campilongo, Cristina Castellani, Antonella Catini, Federica Cecchi, Andrea Ciampini, Elena Colusso, Davidbart (David Preti) Sara De Nardis, Francis Fai, Elvi Maccari, Sante Muro, Lucia Nicolai, Sabrina Pantacchini , Adalgisa Santucci, Claudia Scalera, Angela Scappaticci, Antonella Spano, Andrea Sterpa, Paul Vignini.


The motion like waves that follow
Instructors Academy of Yoga "Odaka"

  • Ruggero Ruggeri
  • Paola Bonucci
  • Petra Szerdahelyi
  • Gaia Del Vecchio

Having spent much time in contact with the ocean gave me the inspiration to create a form of Yoga "liquid", where they were enclosed all these aspects, where the basic concepts are based on fluidity, adaptability, processing power and at the same time. Based on the dynamics of the motion of oceans and body rhythms to which we connect, the flow of the practice of OYC offers us the feeling of "merge with the body until it becomes a liquid." In doing so, we experience a sense of freedom and the ability to transform any obligation and limit to discover new "forms" in ourselves.

Roberto Milletti

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Tel. 339 4394399 - 393 3298266

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